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Can the surveillance camera rotate?
2021-05-17 10:46:07

Can your surveillance camera rotate? Can your home's surveillance camera control rotation through the surveillance camera App installed on your mobile phone? Recently, a friend said that he suddenly found out that the surveillance camera in his home can't rotate.

There are two kinds of surveillance cameras with and without PTZ. The surveillance camera with PTZ or the webcam can be set to rotate automatically at a fixed time or view different angles through the surveillance camera App installed on the user's mobile phone.


If the monitoring camera of the user's home can't rotate automatically or the rotation can't be controlled by the monitoring camera App installed on the mobile phone, it must be that there is no pan tilt and the monitoring camera can only be fixed in a certain place. If you want to realize the rotation control function of the mobile phone, you can replace the monitoring camera with pan tilt. If the monitoring camera is installed outdoors, if the company chooses the monitoring camera with rotation around the plant, it can meet the needs better. It can view different angles to increase more perfect security.

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