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Can wireless surveillance cameras be wired?
2021-05-17 11:45:52

Can wireless surveillance cameras be wired? When some users use the wireless surveillance camera, they always feel that the network speed is not as good as the wired one, so they want to change the wireless one to the wired one. Does the surveillance camera support it?

HD wireless surveillance camera

The indoor wireless surveillance cameras are generally relatively small and can only use wireless connection. If users want to use the network cable connection, they can only install the outdoor wireless surveillance cameras indoors to meet the needs of users' wireless and network cable connection.

For wireless surveillance cameras installed outdoors, they can basically use wired or wireless connection, but the coverage area of wireless WiFi is limited. When purchasing wireless surveillance cameras, users can consult customer service to buy surveillance cameras that meet their needs, and choose wired wireless surveillance cameras or wired surveillance cameras.

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