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Do the surveillance cameras need to be connected?
2021-05-15 11:07:49

Do surveillance cameras need to be connected to the Internet? Many friends have a doubt after using the surveillance camera for a period of time. Can the surveillance camera in their home be used without the network?


At present, the surveillance cameras sold in the market are mainly wireless surveillance cameras or wireless webcams. The installation and use of surveillance cameras by users are more simple and convenient, and the elderly and children can operate like fools. For not connecting to the network can use, Xiaobian think there are two cases.

1) When the surveillance camera is not connected to the network, it can only record the video locally (with its own memory card device). If the user wants to view the video, he can only read it on the computer by removing the memory card.

2) The surveillance camera can't connect to the network, can't record video, can't watch remotely.

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