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How does HD surveillance camera connect?
2021-05-17 15:46:30

The installation of the surveillance camera is fixed in a certain place in the impression of many friends, and then pull a network cable, pull a power cable, plug it in, and configure it. However, the installation of some parts of the surveillance camera is not convenient, and the indoor configuration is not coordinated after the network cable and power cable are connected.

There are two installation options for high-definition surveillance cameras, one is through the network cable connection, and the other is through WiFi connection. Generally, users prefer to use WiFi connection when installing high-definition surveillance cameras or webcams.


The installation of HD surveillance camera is as follows:

1) Purchase the suitable surveillance camera webcam on Xufeng weitv website

2) Select the installation location and fix the surveillance camera and webcam

3) Turn on the power and download the app

4) Connect the high definition monitoring camera webcam through mobile app operation, namely

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