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Is home surveillance camera wired or wireless?
2021-05-17 10:08:23

The wireless network camera needs to work with the wireless router, which needs to be able to access the Internet. The advantages of using WiFi or wireless network camera: no wiring, easy to install and increase the number of cameras, low cost of Internet access. This kind of home network camera is the market development trend and mainstream.


The wired network camera can work normally when it is directly inserted into the Internet port or router. The advantages of wired network camera: mature technology, directly transplant the industrial network camera technology, not afraid of signal interference, stable and reliable, low cost of Internet access. The disadvantage is that the installation is complex, need wiring, can only be accessed through the computer, the scope of use is limited, is not suitable for modern family use.

From the above situation, for home surveillance cameras, it is recommended to use wireless monitoring. There are also some advantages of choosing wireless function for surveillance cameras used at home

1) Let the home indoor more clean, using wireless surveillance camera, saves the wiring trouble, installed in the indoor surveillance camera does not need to connect the network cable, can realize the monitoring through WiFi connection.

2) Wireless surveillance cameras make installation easier. There are only two steps to install the wireless surveillance camera. One is to fix the surveillance camera, the other is to scan the instructions of the wireless surveillance camera by mobile phone. After downloading the app, you can connect according to the prompts. It is simple and convenient, and can be used by the elderly and children.

3) Traditional surveillance cameras generally need to be fixed connected to the computer to store video. Wireless surveillance cameras and network cameras can be stored through the memory card installed on the body or through the Anju cloud network to make the daily recorded video more stable and safe.

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