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Is the battery surveillance camera waterproof?
2021-05-17 15:38:31

Is the battery surveillance camera waterproof? Do you want to pay special attention when it rains? A lot of friends are confused when they buy surveillance cameras or battery surveillance cameras. Is there anything you should pay attention to when installing this security monitoring product outdoors?


The battery monitoring cameras are equipped with IP65 / IP66 waterproof, anti-interference, anti moisture and anti mildew functions. Users can directly install them in suitable outdoor locations according to their own needs.

1) Do battery surveillance cameras need to be connected to a network cable?

The battery monitoring camera can be directly connected to WiFi

2) How do battery surveillance cameras store video?

The storage of battery network camera includes installing memory card on the body or connecting to Anju cloud storage to directly store the video on the network. Users can choose their own appropriate video storage mode.

3) How often does the battery monitor camera charge?

The battery monitoring camera can be used for three months after charging, which greatly facilitates the user's work.

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