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Monitoring camera with battery rechargeable
2021-05-17 15:41:50

The monitoring camera with battery is often called battery network camera or battery monitoring camera. The battery network camera replaces the traditional surveillance camera, the user in addition to the use and installation of more simple, but also better use of natural resources to their own battery network camera battery power supply.

1) How does the battery webcam connect to the network?

How to connect the battery network camera to the network? The battery network camera is connected to the network through WiFi, and the user can install the monitoring camera through the mobile phone, download and install the app to view the operation monitoring situation of the monitoring camera.

2) What systems does the battery webcam support?

The battery network camera supports Android, windows IOS and other mainstream operating systems to view the real-time situation of the surveillance camera.


3) Does battery webcam support shared viewing?

The battery webcam supports the video sharing function. By default, three to five people share the video at the same time to view the real-time monitoring situation.

4) How to do if the battery network camera cannot be charged?

If the battery network camera fails to charge, the battery is usually damaged, or the built-in battery panel is damaged. Users can replace or contact the after-sales service to replace or repair the battery panel.

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