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Outdoor waterproof surveillance camera to understand
2021-05-15 10:25:52

After May Day, it began to rain in Shenzhen. Does the surveillance camera installed outside your home have any impact? Can we see it clear? For surveillance cameras, especially those installed outdoors, the protection function is very important in rainy and snowy weather.

In the south, the weather is relatively less snowy, but the probability of rain is very high, so a waterproof surveillance camera can ensure that the need for security monitoring is not affected at any time.


Pan tilt rotation and manual operation of the monitoring camera App installed on the mobile phone can view the monitoring situation from different angles and directions according to the needs, no matter where you are, you can achieve easy management.

Can the outdoor surveillance camera only be operated by the surveillance camera App installed on the mobile phone? In fact, you can also view it through tablet and desktop computer, which can also realize real-time remote monitoring. The new outdoor monitoring camera makes the operation more simple, convenient and intelligent.

Mobile detection, the installation of outdoor surveillance cameras can also prompt users to make preparations in time through SMS or email push to protect personal property and personal safety. As a necessary product for installation monitoring, whether it is used outdoors or indoors, common functions must be provided to make users use more guaranteed.

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