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Sharing of surveillance cameras suitable for rural home installation
2021-05-17 13:46:25

Do you know what tools to use besides wechat? Do you know what kind of tools can be used to ask for video, voice and security monitoring from your hometown? Then you must use this wireless surveillance camera.

Use the surveillance camera in your hometown. Xiaobian suggests that you first consider choosing the HD surveillance camera with PTZ function. Users can install the surveillance camera App through their mobile phones to operate the rotation of the surveillance camera and view different monitoring positions.


Waterproof function, as a surveillance camera is essential, IP65 waterproof function to meet the different environment of users installed in their hometown.

Mobile detection, the mobile detection function of the surveillance camera, if there is any abnormality, it can be pushed to the user by SMS or e-mail at the first time, so that the user can do the relevant processing well, which is very suitable for the use of rural hometown.

Is the surveillance camera in your home still the old Haikang one that can't talk? It is suitable for the monitoring camera used in the rural hometown, which should have voice function to meet the needs of all kinds of use.

The storage of surveillance camera video includes memory card and cloud storage, which makes the video recorded every day more secure and stable, and more long-term storage. The same account can be shared by multiple users at the same time, making the communication more smooth.

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