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What do security cameras do for maintenance?
2021-05-17 11:27:16

In order to ensure the long-term stable operation of the security monitoring camera, it is necessary to maintain the security monitoring camera equipment regularly to ensure that the components of the monitoring system are in normal state. Security monitoring equipment is just like our car, which needs regular maintenance. Some users ignore the maintenance of security monitoring camera equipment, and think it is a waste of time. Combined with our years of maintenance experience of monitoring equipment, most of the monitoring system faults are related to the lack of equipment maintenance, such as poor contact. As a user, how to maintain the security surveillance camera equipment?

1、 Clean and dust the equipment regularly. Generally, the monitoring camera and monitoring host are dusted once every three months. The lens needs to be cleaned with alcohol, and the focus should be adjusted to ensure the clear monitoring picture.


2、 Check all the video connectors once a month, and deal with the situation of false welding and poor contact immediately. Some monitoring images have no image or are not clear as long as the line is moved slightly. Generally, the video head is caused by poor contact, so the video head should be replaced immediately.

3、 During the operation of the monitor, it is very easy to absorb dust, which is easy to cause equipment failure. We need to dust the monitor every three times, wipe the screen and shell with anhydrous alcohol, and regularly maintain and clean the monitoring camera, which is of great help to the monitoring work of protecting the camera, If your home's surveillance camera has blurred images or delayed response, it is generally necessary for you to check and maintain the surveillance camera.


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