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When does the surveillance camera stop recording?
2021-05-17 11:06:46

Did you know that the surveillance cameras were recording 24 hours a day? Did your surveillance camera stop recording? In Xiaobian's opinion, when the surveillance camera stops recording and starts recording has something to do with which surveillance camera the user uses. Some surveillance cameras, such as battery surveillance cameras, record video intermittently.


The battery monitoring camera can record video according to the built-in PIR induction, so as to save the use of power. The PRI function triggers the surveillance camera to record video when a foreign object approaches.

Can the battery monitoring camera make voice? Basically, surveillance cameras have voice function, and so do battery surveillance cameras. Many friends didn't find that their battery surveillance cameras can make voice after they bought the battery surveillance cameras. Users can view their installed surveillance camera App and the voice communication of people in the monitoring area.

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