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  • How many days can surveillance camera video be stored?

    2021-05-15 10:49:13
    How long can the video storage of surveillance cameras last? Many friends don't know how long the recorded video can be saved after using the surveillance camera with memory card installed on the fuselage. Users only find that when they want to view the video of a certain period of time on an occasional day, they don't know.
  • Installation method of network camera

    2021-05-15 10:33:08
    Network camera, through the connection to the network can be remote monitoring view of the surveillance camera, easy to install and operate?
  • Outdoor waterproof surveillance camera to understand

    2021-05-15 10:25:52
    After May Day, it began to rain in Shenzhen. Does the surveillance camera installed outside your home have any impact? Can we see it clear? For surveillance cameras, especially those installed outdoors, the protection function is very important in rainy and snowy weather.
  • Brief introduction of low power consumption network camera

    2021-05-15 10:22:08
    Low power network camera, in the case of low power consumption can not affect the function of the network camera. It is very convenient for home use, e
  • Brief introduction of remote monitoring camera

    2021-05-15 10:16:53
    Go out to work, go out to play, how can you clearly grasp the situation at home, but do not disturb the family. Xiaobian recommends that you choose the remote monitoring camera to efficiently understand and view all the dynamics of your home anytime, anywhere.
  • What parameters do surveillance cameras focus on?

    2021-05-15 10:06:44
    What parameters should we pay attention to when buying surveillance cameras? For different highlights of each surveillance camera, what features can you focus on? Let's make it up to know.
  • Application advantages of network monitoring in family security

    2021-05-15 09:38:36
    Home monitoring system is popular in Europe and the United States and other developed regions. Personal video monitoring, public video monitoring and industry video monitoring have formed a tripartite situation in the field of monitoring.
  • What equipment should be prepared to install a security monitoring system?

    2021-05-12 09:50:12
    ​Security monitoring is composed of multiple parts, such as cameras, video recorders, monitors, switches, routers, and testing instruments.
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