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How about the definition of wireless monitoring ray head
2021-05-17 10:54:39

Is the wireless surveillance camera clear? Many users feel fuzzy and stuck when using the wireless surveillance camera, always questioning whether they bought a fake surveillance camera. Xiaobian, it seems that this situation is related to the definition of the wireless surveillance camera.


The resolution of the wireless surveillance camera is generally increased from 1920x720 to 1920x1080, or even higher. The pixels of the wireless surveillance camera are more than 2 million. However, the broadband occupied by the wireless surveillance camera with high-definition resolution is relatively large. If the broadband bandwidth of the user's home is relatively low or mobile data is used when using it, There will be a relative jam, and you can adjust the resolution of the surveillance camera in real time according to your own needs.

How many users can share a main account of a wireless surveillance camera and watch it at the same time? In general, a main account of a wireless surveillance camera can share 3 to 5 users' real-time monitoring in different areas.

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