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Wireless surveillance camera without power supply
2021-05-17 11:53:57

Do you want your wireless surveillance camera connected to power? What kind of wireless surveillance camera is good to install if it is not convenient for wiring when it is installed outdoors? Xiaobian recommends a wireless surveillance camera that can be solved by installing a piece of sun without connecting the power supply.

To select this solar wireless surveillance camera, users only need to fix the wireless surveillance camera in a place where the solar energy shines, so as to ensure that the solar panel can be irradiated by the sun and supply power to the wireless surveillance camera. Does this solar wireless surveillance camera have other functions?

Wireless HD surveillance camera

The resolution of 2 megapixel HD camera is 1920x1080, which meets the needs of viewing or looking back, and ensures that the video recorded at each end is clear and of good quality.

Mobile detection is the main function of every wireless surveillance camera. The first wireless surveillance cameras all have the function of motion detection. When there is an exception or a stranger enters, the motion detection will start automatically, and the detected dynamic will be sent to the user through email or SMS.

Voice function, the necessary voice function of wireless surveillance camera, is also indispensable. Every solar wireless surveillance camera has the necessary voice equipment, through which you can realize two-way communication.

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